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  • EU organic movement warns against greenwashing

    BRUSSELS, 13 MONDAY 2023 – IFOAM Organics Europe warns against the misuse of claims, labels, or communication initiatives about food products, that contribute to greenwashing and hinder the agroecological transition towards sustainable food systems. Claims and labels on packages range from regenerative, local, organic to ecological agriculture. However, not all that glitters is gold, or green in this case, and the increasing use of the term “regenerative agriculture” is a case in point.

    At Global Organics, we broadly support organic agriculture, and Regenerative Organic Certification. We appreciate IFOAM's efforts to call out greenwashing risks to our industry.

    To read entire press release, IFOAM

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  • USDA Moves to Crack Down on Organic Fraud

    As reported in The Washington Post, the USDA moves to crack down on ‘organic’ fraud
    — The agency will boost its oversight of organic products in one of the biggest-ever changes to the National Organic Program

    Tom Chapman, chief executive of the Organic Trade Association, said the updates represent “the single largest revision to the organic standards since they were published in 1990.” They should go a long way toward boosting confidence in the “organic” label, Chapman said, noting that the move “raises the bar to prevent bad actors at any point in the supply chain.

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  • Meet the Kombucha Company Tackling Food Scarcity with Regenerative Supply Chains

    Meet the Kombucha Company Tackling Food Scarcity with Regenerative Supply Chains

    Zane Kareem Adams, Co-CEO of Buchi states, "Sugar is an interesting crop because it is very environmentally intensive, not only with growing but also with the harvesting process, and we have struggled a lot to find ways to grow sugar without doing deep detrimental harm to our food system."

    After searching for an organic and regenerative supply partner, Buchi landed on Global Organics and verified the supplier through mutual friends. Global Organics partner's with Brazil's Natíve Green Cane Project, which bills itself as the world's largest sustainable agriculture project that is completely carbon neutral.

    "We can't actually do well for each other and our planet if we aren't very curious, careful, and mindful about the inputs that we use to make the product, the process, and how our products get to the store.”

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  • Natíve Earns Regenerative Organic Certification

    Valor Economico

    Known throughout Brazil and abroad for its sustainable practices, Natíve Organics, based in Sertaozinho, became the first Brazilian company to achieve the international certification – Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) for regenerative organic agriculture. The certification, established in 2017, is for food, textiles and personal care ingredients. ROC farms meet the highest standards int the world for soil health, animal welfare, and farmworker fairness...

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  • Global Organics first to offer “Organic Single-Berry Juice Pressings”

    Cambridge, Mass. (April 1st, 2022) — After many months of working with our Blueberry Partner, Global Organics, Ltd is excited to be the first to bring to market “Organic Single-Berry Juice Pressings”.

    Each pressing is produced from the juice of only a single berry.

    While we are all familiar with single varietal wines and coffees, single-berry juicing is a totally new innovation. By not pressing thousands of pounds of fruit at the same time, we are able to fully honor the true flavor of each individual blueberry.

    Each berry is picked at the peak of ripeness and rushed separately to the processing center. Upon arrival, the berry is carefully inspected, washed, cold pressed, packaged and Identity-preserved.

    “We believe small-batch kombucha brewers and juice brands are crying out for this level of specificity,” states Paul Whitman, Fruit & Vegetable Category Manager, Global Organics.

    Global Organics will be showcasing Single-Berry Cold Pressed Blueberry Purée at KombuchaKon on April 1st. We hope the crowds will understand when the samples offered will be very, very small.


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  • Natíve Green Cane Project first sugar producer certified by Regenerative Organic Alliance

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Dec. 06, 2021)Global Organics is proud to recognize its longtime partner, Natíve, for becoming the first Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) sugar producer. Over the last 35 years, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has reinvented cane sugar growing and processing. By focusing on soil health and biodiversity, integrating sustainability at all levels of their operation, and ensuring social fairness to farm workers, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has been long recognized as the model for sustainability.

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  • Certified Organic Flavors Requirements: What You Need To Know

    In December 2019, The National Organic Program finalized their ruling that amends the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. The rule now dictates that certified organic flavors must be used in organic products when commercially available. What does that mean for manufacturers? Here’s a breakdown of the terminology, the ruling, its requirements and how those can be met:

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  • The alternative to burning sugar cane is a win-win-win solution | Opinion

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    The alternative to burning sugar cane is a win-win-win solution | Opinion

    Maintaining profitability for Florida sugar producers is important, and green harvesting is not a threat; in fact, research shows that as soils adapt to green-harvesting regimes, the increased nutrient cycling that occurs increases yields over time. The world’s largest organic, regenerative agricultural operation, Natíve Green Cane Project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, switched to green harvesting in the 1980s. It now maintains 20% higher yields than conventional sugarcane.

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