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Organic Chocolate and Cocoa Powder (Bulk)

Agostoni Chocolate – Chocolate by Nature

Unique, exceptional flavor is the reason for incorporating Agostoni’s organic chocolate and cocoa ingredients into your premium confections, baked goods, cereals, bars, and dairy products.

  • The Agostoni and Vanini families have passed down their passion for chocolate from generation to generation, developing the ICAM chocolate brand, an acronym of “Industria Cioccolato e Affini, Morbegno” translated as “Chocolate and Related Industries, Morbegno”. The Agostoni family's non-GMO and organic chocolate and cocoa products are made from carefully selected raw materials and are processed in a state-of-the-art facility to provide premium quality, consistency, and taste -- in true Italian style!
  • 70 years of experience and extraordinary attention to bean selection, fermentation, roasting and processing results in chocolate with superior and distinct flavor profiles. ICAM produces quality chocolate by controlling the entire production chain, from the plantation to the finished product, selecting the best plantations to obtain an excellent, controlled, and traceable product.
  • ICAM produces high quality chocolate following an ethical and sustainable approach that has a positive impact on every stage of the cocoa processing cycle. Supply Chain, People, Environment, and Innovation are the foundations on which ICAM chocolate has been developed from, for almost a century.

Check out info-sheet to learn more: ICAM Sustainability Report 2022

Global Organics is the exclusive importer of Agostoni wholesale chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, chocolate couvertures, cocoa powder and cocoa butter in North America and has worked with the Agostoni family for over twenty years.

Product List – Non-GMO and Organic

  • Dark and White Chocolate Chips (sizes range from 1K to 9K)
  • Dark and White Chocolate Chunks
  • Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Couvertures
  • Natural and Dutch Cocoa Powder (ask us about our new Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder)
  • Deodorized Cocoa Butter
  • Natural Cocoa Liquor

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Other options include chocolate made with coconut sugar, chocolate with no added soy emulsifier, single origin chocolate and fair trade chocolate. Organic low-melt chocolate flavored chunks made with Agostoni cocoa powder are also available.

Agostoni chocolate is available in 40lb bags.