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Global Organics first to offer “Organic Single-Berry Juice Pressings”

Cambridge, Mass. (April 1st, 2022) — After many months of working with our Blueberry Partner, Global Organics, Ltd is excited to be the first to bring to market “Organic Single-Berry Juice Pressings”.

Each pressing is produced from the juice of only a single berry.

While we are all familiar with single varietal wines and coffees, single-berry juicing is a totally new innovation. By not pressing thousands of pounds of fruit at the same time, we are able to fully honor the true flavor of each individual blueberry.

Each berry is picked at the peak of ripeness and rushed separately to the processing center. Upon arrival, the berry is carefully inspected, washed, cold pressed, packaged and Identity-preserved.

“We believe small-batch kombucha brewers and juice brands are crying out for this level of specificity,” states Paul Whitman, Fruit & Vegetable Category Manager, Global Organics.

Global Organics will be showcasing Single-Berry Cold Pressed Blueberry Purée at KombuchaKon on April 1st. We hope the crowds will understand when the samples offered will be very, very small.