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Organic Cane Sugar

Natíve Green Cane Project first sugar producer certified by Regenerative Organic Alliance

Global Organics is proud to recognize its longtime partner, Natíve, for becoming the first Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) sugar producer. Over the last 35 years, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has reinvented cane sugar growing and processing. By focusing on soil health and biodiversity, integrating sustainability at all levels of their operation and ensuring social fairness to farm workers, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has been long recognized as the model for sustainability.

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For more than 20 years, we have proudly partnered with the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil to provide organic cane sugar products. The Green Cane Project, launched in 1987, is the largest sustainable agriculture project in the world and has:

  • Pioneered green cane harvesting (replacing the destructive practice of burning cane fields).
  • Replaced synthetic fertilizers and pesticides with recycled waste streams from production and natural pest and disease control.
  • Planted over 1 million trees to create 11,000 acres of greenways or "biodiversity islands" on its farms to attract beneficial wildlife.
  • Installed cogeneration equipment to power the mill and surrounding communities.
  • Implemented many innovative environmental and social programs.

Today, the Green Cane Project farms close to 20,000 hectares (49,421 acres) of certified organic cane fields. The results have been incredible:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral – from the fields to our warehouses in North America and Europe
  • Cogeneration alone saves over 25,000 metric tons of CO2 saved per year
  • Increased yields vs. conventional cane fields
  • Higher resistance to drought and pest damage
  • 23 times the biodiversity of conventional fields, including many rare species
  • Many cutting-edge labor and social programs for employees and the community

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Food Safety & Quality

  • Third-party audited to a recognized GFSI standard
  • Uncompromised quality: ISO 22000, BRC certification including HACCP and GMP ( BRC grade AA)
  • No genetically engineered materials at any stage (non-GMO sugar)
  • Complete transparency – vertically integrated farm to mill and family-run since 1946

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Product List

Native organic cane sugar

Natíve Organic Granulated Cane Sugar (NOW available in 50 lb. bags)
Natíve Organic Demerara Sugar

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Organic Liquid Cane Sugar 67.5%
Organic Invert Cane Syrup
Organic Light & Dark Brown Sugar
Organic Powdered Sugar
Organic Caster Sugar
Organic Whole Cane Sugar