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As one of the largest organic projects in the world, the Native Green Cane Project (our supply partner for organic cane sugar) attracts some noteworthy media attention. A few of our favorites are summarized below so you can learn how the Green Cane Project is proof that sustainable and regenerative agriculture can be done on a large scale while protecting biodiversity and soil quality. If you already purchase Native sugar, feel free to share any of this information with your customers.

Most recent:

(March 2022) There is a better way to grow and harvest sugarcane and our longtime partner, Natíve Organics, is leading the way! A special thanks to Ken Roseboro at The Organic and Non-GMO Report for telling Natíve's story and helping us show how large-scale manufacturing can succeed at full carbon neutrality. Natíve produces yields that are 20% higher than conventional sugarcane production and they are the first sugar producer to earn Regenerative Organic Certification

One Planet Summit

(September 2018), Leontino Balbo Jr., Executive Vice President of Native, gave testimony about the innovative and restorative agricultural technologies of the Green Cane Project at the One Planet Summit. The One Planet Summit brought together heads of state and international CEOs to accelerate implementation of the Paris Agreement. The One Planet Summit showed that high-level institutional decision-makers as well as individual citizens can all work together to deliver solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. You can access the press release here.

Disruption Innovation Festival Poster

A few years ago, Leontino Balbo Jr., Head of Native Organic Products, was invited to speak about regenerative agriculture at the November 2015 Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). DIF is a global, online event run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organization dedicated to exploring the latest ideas and innovations shaping our changing economy. Leontino discussed his work with the Native Green Cane Project, the keys to its success and how it might impact the development of future global food systems. VIDEO: Click here to watch how passion and inspiration has created a model for farming everywhere.

Wired Magazine Table of Contents

In 2013, Wired magazine featured an inspirational story magazine featured an inspirational story about Leontino in his journey to develop the Green Cane Project. The author captures Leontino’s passion and the history of the integrated process behind Native’s agricultural success with cane sugar. Later that year, Leontino’s powerful story was featured on a BBC radio show. Both stories explain how the Green Cane Project’s methods go beyond organic and work with nature to improve the soil, reduce pests, bring back biodiversity and increase crop yields, all while eliminating synthetic chemical off-farm inputs.

World Economic Forum Sustainability Champions Report

Last but definitely not least, in 2011 the World Economic Forum selected Grupo Balbo (the family company behind the Native Green Cane Project) as one of 16 Sustainability Champions out of 1,000 companies studied worldwide. Native was recognized for their proactive and innovative work to embed sustainability throughout their agricultural processes and their ability to balance environmental and social contributions with profitability as the world's largest organic sugar producer.

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