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Organic Green Banana Flour for Gluten-Free Foods

Honestly, we thought the demand for gluten-free foods was going to go the way of cronuts and avo toast. But it is here to stay and for good reason, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity really need these foods.

Finding new and interesting ingredients that meet gluten-free and organic requirements can be tough for food developers. Wheat is the major culprit in gluten intolerance and wheat flour is the mainstay of many baked goods and foods that need a thickening agent. Luckily, there are several commercially available options for replacing wheat flour including cassava flour, rice flour and coconut flour.

organic green banana flour

Organic green banana flour is a novel and healthy option for gluten-free and wheat-free foods. Green banana flour is one of the best natural sources of resistant starch (over 40%). Resistant starch is a fermentable or prebiotic fiber that resists digestion in the upper intestine and provides fuel for good bacteria in the colon. The good bacteria in turn produce short chain fatty acids like butyrate, which promote colon health. Prebiotic fibers may also exert protective effects to prevent colon cancer, enhance absorption of nutrients and promote satiety and weight loss and prevent obesity.

Resistant starch in green banana flour can be classified as dietary fiber on the Nutrition Facts Label. And speaking of labels, our organic green banana flour is kosher, vegan and paleo-friendly, all features you may be seeking for your product’s label.

Organic green banana flour is made from fresh, green or unripe bananas (primarily Cavendish variety) grown from organic agriculture (insecticides and fungicides are not used on organically grown bananas). The bananas are cleaned, peeled, crushed, de-seeded, pasteurized, dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. No flavorings or coloring is added. Green banana flour contains potassium, iron and magnesium and is low in sugar.

If you are thinking of trying green banana flour in a new product you need to know that it has a mildly sweet taste that blends well with other ingredients. And, as a replacement for grain flours, recommendations are to use 25-30% less.

Some applications for green banana flour include baked goods, smoothies, beverage mixes, shakes and thickening agent for sauces, soups and baby food. To give you an idea of how well it works, here is a recipe for a gluten-free organic sandwich cookie for you to try.

Gluten-Free Organic Sandwich Cookie


organic green banana flour in sandwich cookies

⅔ cup Organic Green Banana Flour
⅔ cup Organic Cassava Flour
½ cup Organic Black Cocoa Powder
¼ tsp. Salt
½ cup Organic Cane Sugar
¾ cup Organic Butter
1 large Organic Egg
1 tsp. Organic Vanilla

Cream sugar and butter in large mixer. Add salt and vanilla. Mix until blended. Sift together flour and cocoa powder and add to creamed butter and sugar. Mix until dough forms ball. Place dough on parchment paper; roll to desired thickness (approx. ¼”). Refrigerate dough 30 minutes. Cut dough using cookie cutter. Place on baking pan with parchment paper. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

Organic Sandwich Cookie Filling

½ cup Organic Butter
½ cup Organic Vegetable Shortening
3 cups Organic Powdered Sugar
1 tsp. Organic Vanilla

Directions: Soften butter (room temperature). Cream butter and vegetable shortening with vanilla. Sift powdered sugar and combine with creamed mixture. Mix until peaks are formed. Spread the filling between two cookies for a delicious organic treat!

Our organic green banana flour is available in 22 lb bag-in-a box packaging and has a 12-month shelf life.

To request a sample of our organic banana flour, please contact your Global Organics Account Manager or email And while you are at it, ask about our organic banana paste-- it’s great in bar applications if you want a sweet banana flavor!