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3 "Don't Miss" Organic Tropical Fruit Ingredients - Part 2: Pineapple

Pineapple is part 2 of our series on organic tropical fruit ingredients. Did you know that one supermarket chain in the UK reported pineapple sales growth as outstripping avocado? That’s probably because they are great as an ingredient in main dishes, snack foods and desserts. This sweet and juicy tropical is also a stand-alone convenient snack. Pineapples are a source of Vitamin C and fiber.

Organic Pineapple

Origins: Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Sri Lanka
Crop Availability: Year-round supply
Variety: MD2 (super sweet pineapple)

Organic Ingredient Options: Packaging
Purée Aseptic/Drums/Bag-in-Box
Juice, NFC Aseptic/Drums/Bag-in-Box
Dried rings, pieces Bag-in-Box
IQF chunks, tidbits Bag-in-Box

organic dried pineapple

Organic Advantage:

The pineapple we eat is typically low in pesticides even if it is grown conventionally mostly because we don’t eat the thick skin. But on large non-organic plantations, this pesticide intensive crop is liberally treated, putting field workers at risk and also children living in the farm community. Fertilizers (manufactured with fossil fuels) are used to force high crop yields contributing to water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In stark contrast, organic pineapple farmers use composting, companion planting, crop rotation and natural herbicides to add nutrients to the soil and control pests and weeds.

Not using toxic agrochemicals allows plants and animals to prosper and biodiversity has increased in areas with organic farms.

Featured Supplier Partner:

Our partner in Costa Rica has been processing organic pineapple for over ten years. They are BRC certified and are a woman owned and operated business.

Their commitment to the environment sets them apart. They were the first frozen fruit processor to be certified carbon neutral. They own 14 acres of forest to offset their carbon emissions. They are also invested in reducing waste. Pineapple pulp and other remains are sold to juicing companies or become mulch or fertilizer.

Our pineapple supply partner also prioritizes efficient use of water. They have a water treatment plant that expels water as pure as it was before use and safe to drink.

And for workers and the community, they provide good wages and medical benefits and they support and sponsor local institutions including schools, churches and nursing homes.

To learn more about organic pineapple ingredients, please contact your Global Organics Account Manager or email