It is hard to believe that the part-time business I started in 1992, in my basement apartment in Cambridge, with not much more than a passion for organic agriculture, is now a “real” company. One with 40+ employees, companies on two continents and supply partners and customers worldwide.

Looking back, Global Organics was founded to support and promote sustainable organic agriculture worldwide. We wanted to help the people working and living in those farming communities by getting their high quality, organic and sustainable ingredients to customers that care about good labor practices, economic fairness and sustainability. 25 years later, we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest imagination.

Today the world is facing dramatic climate change and diminishing natural resources. Social and economic inequity remain an issue. The bright spot for us is the rapidly growing awareness worldwide of the benefits of organic agriculture and sustainable development. We truly believe what we’ve been doing all this time is the way forward. Our job is to make sure there are enough organic ingredients to supply what consumers around the world are demanding.

In the coming years, we will continue to uphold our good relationships with our planet, with our supply partners that grow and process our ingredients and with you, our customer. It is these partnerships that are the foundation of a strong, sustainable business and ultimately lead to a better planet.

We greatly appreciate your contribution to our success as we celebrate this major milestone for our company. Thank you - we couldn’t have done it without you.


Dave Alexander