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3 "Don't Miss" Organic Tropical Fruit Ingredients - Part 1: Banana

We are all aware that consumers are reading labels and looking for products with flavors and sweeteners that do not sound like chemicals. When formulating a “clean” product, nature’s best option for adding both delightful flavor and sweetness is fruit! Smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, beverages and baked goods all benefit from the goodness of fruit.

The supply of organic fruit is often very tight and there are documented cases of adulterated product from some European and Asian countries. Global Organics has developed a network of supply partners (growers and processors) in Europe and South America in order to secure year-round supply and to meet growing demand. We verify quality, authenticity and safety via a comprehensive quality approach.

To help you make purchasing decisions about a few of the most popular tropical organic fruits, we’ve provided information on crops, products we offer and some information about why using these organic fruit ingredients is important for human and planetary health.

This series on organic tropical fruit starts with the perennial favorite - banana. Bananas in different forms are showing up in crunchy snacks, tropical shakes, ice cream and even dog treats. Organic bananas contain high levels of potassium and no fat.

Organic Banana

Origin: Ecuador, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka
Crop Availability: Year-round supply
Variety: Cavendish

Organic Ingredient Options: Packaging
Purée, single strength (non-acidified, low acid, high acid) Aseptic/Metal Drums
Dried coins, halves, pieces Bag-in-Box
Green Banana Flour (great for gluten-free products) Bag-in-Box
IQF Bag-in-Box

organic banana ingredients

Organic Advantage:

Insecticides and fungicides are not used on organically grown bananas. Organic methods improve the health of the trees making them more resistant to infestations. With organic farming methods, workers’ health is not at risk from pesticide application.

To prevent pest damage in conventionally grown bananas, each bunch of bananas on a tree is enclosed in a large plastic bag into which pesticides are inserted. One toxic insecticide widely used in banana production is chlorpyrifos, a potent neurotoxic member of the organophosphate insecticide family. Chlorpyrifos can harm workers, communities and the environment (including fragile pollinating bees) but is not generally detected on peeled bananas.

Featured Supplier Partner:

Our organic banana puree comes from the province of Los Rios in Ecuador. Our supplier partner processes organically grown bananas they purchase from an organic farmers’ association on the Ecuadorian coast. The association consists of 246 certified organic farmers. In an industry known for treating labor poorly, our partner adheres to fair labor practices and complies with Ecuadorian social requirements and benefits for workers including public health insurance and social security pensions. Child labor and slavery are illegal in Ecuador. Since 2002, when Human Rights Watch published a negative report on child labor on banana and flower farms, the Ecuadorian Labor Ministry has worked to eradicate child labor.

To learn more about organic banana ingredients, please contact your Global Organics Account Manager or email