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Announcing Fair Trade Certified Organic Cane Sugar

Individual protection equipment is provided to all employees working in areas of risk

Native owns buses to transport employees to and from the fields. Buses are equipped with first aid kits, drinking water, awnings for shade and tables and chairs for rest during lunch

Native provides ambulance support and treatment in the field and mill including first aid and transport to health care facilities in emergency situations

We are proud to announce that our supply partner of organic cane sugar, the Native Green Cane Project, has been awarded certification from Fair Trade USA! The Fair Trade Certified™ label means that products are made with respect for people and the planet - empowering agricultural communities who produce and process products to develop thriving businesses and a healthy environment. This has been our mission since 1992.

The Native Green Cane Project in Brazil, has a long history of providing their sugar cane farm and mill workers with wages, benefits and working conditions far better than most other sugar cane mills. Native’s participation in the Fair Trade USA third-party certification validates their dedication to fair trade while increasing the supply of organic and fair trade sugar. A larger supply allows food and beverage manufacturers to bring more organic and fair trade products to market.

Andrew Martino, Category Manager for Sugar and Sweeteners, commented, “We are very proud of our 20 year relationship with the Native Green Cane Project. Native’s impressive results from their continuous efforts to practice regenerative farming have been internationally recognized for many years. The addition of the Fair Trade Certified label confirms their role as a world leader in truly sustainable agriculture on all levels.”

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