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NATIVE Organic Cane Sugar is now available Fair for Life

We’re happy to announce the availability of Fair for Life organic sugar from our cane sugar supplier, the Native Green Cane Project.

According to Mintel, 63% of U.S. adults agree that ethical issues are becoming more important and 58% agree that buying ethically produced products makes them feel good.

Achieving Fair for Life certification increases your options for fair trade organic sugar and can help you satisfy consumers' desire for ethical products.

Native is a leader in environmental and social responsibility and has a strong history of providing farm and mill workers with benefits that surpass what is available from other sugar cane mills. The Fair for Life certification is yet another assurance that Native sugar is a safe, ethical and sustainable choice for use in your organic and fair trade food products.

The Fair for Life certification involves a rigorous audit, which assures that producers, handlers and brand holders are honoring fair working and trading conditions and social responsibility. Supply chain partners commit to fair prices and a fair trade premium, which directly impacts living standards of farm communities. Fair for Life also offers transparency and an incentive for continuous improvement by publicizing performance ratings.

Fair trade ensures a pricing system where farmers get a fair price and that workers as well as farmers can contribute to the social development of their communities. In addition, all Fair for Life certified operations need to respect strict environmental criteria. Many operations, like Native, are also certified organic farms.

Click here for more information about Native organic cane sugar.