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Organic Advocacy

All over the world, universities, government and non-governmental organizations, farmers, and advocates for food system change are conducting research to gather even more evidence of the benefits of organic agriculture. Science is proving that organic is the best choice for people’s health, sustainability of the earth’s resources and mitigation of climate change.

On this page we will share links to scientific reports and political actions that support the environmental, economic and social benefits of using organic practices.


Organic farming improves soil health- more carbon storage, fertility and biological activity than conventional - The Organic Center

Legacy effects of contrasting organic grain cropping systems on soil health indicators, soil invertebrates, weeds, and crop yield – Cornell University

The World Food Prize Winner Says Soil Should Have Rights - Civil Eats


Organic agriculture can curb nitrogen pollution - The Organic Center

The EU's landmark farm to fork strategy sets in place a series of ambitious environmental targets including making 25% of all EU farmland organic by 2030 - Natural Products Global


Peer-reviewed study showed switching to an organic diet decreased levels of the cancer-causing weed killer - glyphosate. In six days levels were reduced by 70 percent. - The Guardian